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One of the most powerful features of SoulSections is its use of Emmet, an abbreviation-expanding library that drastically speeds up the process of writing HTML.

Emmet was designed to allow developers to type a short abbreviation (like ‘div’) and hit the Tab key to expand that abbreviation into a completed <div> tag:


It’s an absolute godsend if you spend your day writing code, and it makes writing HTML the ‘old’ way feel like torture.

But the real, game-changing power of Emmet is that it allows developers (like me) to author custom abbreviations that produce larger, richer snippets of HTML. 

Wrestler Origin Finisher
Bret "The Hitman" Hart Calgary, AB Sharpshooter
Stone Cold Steve Austin Austin, TX Stone Cold Stunner
Randy Savage Sarasota, FL Elbow Drop
Vader Boulder, CO Vader Bomb
Razor Ramon Chuluota, FL Razor's Edge